Powdreed Activated Carbon

Powdered Activated Carbon (PAC) is similar to Granular Activated Carbon (GAC) as it is made from high quality coal, wood or coconut shell raw material.

PAC is typically considered to have particles less than U.S standard 80 mesh size, which makes it ideal for water treatment. Our PAC is a reliable, economical water treatment option for taste and odor control and removal of organic compounds. The use of PAC is beneficial economically and environmentally, since it reduces operating costs, produces minimal waste sludge, allows for the conservation of resources, and provides superior water quality. PAC can be used by water treatment plants on either a regular basis or as needed by the season for taste, color and odor control or removal of organic chemicals. It is also built into air purification systems to adsorb volatile compounds and heavy metals, like mercury. Our activated carbon products are heavily used in the food and beverage industries as they are ideal for the removal of unwanted colors, tastes, and odors. Powdered Activated Carbon is alutilized in purification and quality control of several other food and beverage products.